Pitching for work? Five essentials for putting your best bid forward

I’ve published a quick guide on the BidWrite website for managing a pain-free, winning bid. It’s called Knockout Submissions, it’s free, and you can find it here.

Here are the highlights:

Appoint one person whose only job is to make sure everyone else does theirs. It’s vitally important for there to be someone who is ultimately responsible for the bid, through whom every action flows. A good bid leader will drive the bid forward and coordinate a submission delivered on time and on target.

Get a good team in your corner. Utilise your colleagues across the company (and elsewhere) to build a wide-ranging team of specialists and your proposal will be completed with time to spare and resounding with confidence and knowledge.

Brief well and set clear deadlines. There is a period of time at the start of a bid submission where you brief your collaborators fully on what is required of them and how long they have to do it. Handle this well and it will pay dividends later in the bid production, culminating in a powerhouse performance delivered well within the time.

Start a library (and keep it in good shape). A bid comprised entirely of pre-written text is an impersonal and careless approach. A good content library however, kept up to date with new and revised material, can contribute to as much as 80% of your bid, providing you and your team with more time to work on the essential unique content that lies at the heart of every good submission.

Channel your energies at the right time. Your energy, enthusiasm, clarity and creativity will all fluctuate during the bid writing process. If you use this natural ebb and flow to maximise your most productive periods, your bid will be all the better for it. Write your most important content when you’re at your most fresh. Use your sharpest thinking early in the day for those complicated pricing strategies and save reformatting those health and safety tables for the late shift.

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