An eco kettle should not be the centrepiece of your environmental policy

eco kettle

This will not win you a new contract

Almost every tender submission you undertake will have a section that asks about your environmental policy and practices.

It’s quite an easy section to deal with if you’re already a company that operates within the environmental arena, such as waste management or eco services, but for many organisations it’s a tough call to come up with something beyond the fact that you recycle your printer cartridges.
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VIDEO: Tendering in under 5 Minutes

Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce recently ran an event, on behalf of the city council, on understanding public sector procurement, bid writing and time management (an important aspect of getting a good bid produced on time).

More than 100 people attended, demonstrating the interest in learning how to secure larger projects and contracts through the competitive tendering process.

I was pleased to be asked to speak at the event, and this five-minute film was produced by Tanglewood Productions. A great summary of the key messages, neatly and niftily packaged.

The event was part of B&H Council’s Ride the Wave programme, delivered by the Chamber, and aimed at providing training and support to local organisations during these straitened times.

Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce is one of the most active chambers in the UK, with a packed calendar of support, events and training to help local businesses survive and thrive. Visit their website here.